When Time Stands Still

When time stands still, it’s up to you to find the ideas that reside inside your mind. This is a state that allows creativity to prosper and ideas to flourish. Thinking about it too much will just put a dampener on the whole process, so just relax and allow yourself to listen to the internal voices that guide your spirit in directions of Love, Joy and Happiness.

The final testimony to your creativity will enhance the process of being able to notice your own being. The first rule of thumb is to sit quietly. The second to notice who you are. The third is to understand how to change. These all amount to processes that enable you to flow with ideas and creativity. Love might be the new economy, but creativity is the killer app. What ideas can you come up with that you have never thought of before? What processes have you tried that bring you new outcomes? Where are the final outcomes designed to happen? How can you trust the process enough to allow it to happen? The elements that stand in your way can be the ones that help you get there. So adapt your thinking to reflect the ideas that transcend the process of how to live ‘normally’ and allow the flow of your being to run through you like liquid gold and feel the beauty of living life in the love lane…….Mmmm. When you are in love with life, the ideas flow freely, but the feeling helps you engage more deeply. Truly, madly, deeply do.

Thank you for listening.

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