What About Our Heros?

What elements of your experience help you to gain the momentum of being fully in the present? How do you know when to notice the important aspects that gain you recognition in your own experience? Have you recently been a victim of someone else’s doings? The answers to your questions in relation to these aspects will give you clues as to how your mind is configured for success. The meaning of which will be hidden behind the value systems they enfold.

Take a peek at the philosophies of the world and gain an idea about how experience is organised. But the true depiction of experience can only be realised in the reality of subjective understanding and how it is expressed through behaviour, action and deed. These elements give us access to prototypes that enhance our states and generate foremost ideas about the way to assess ‘being’ states to formulate practices that engender role models for us to follow. They have resources that we wish to emulate. We often wish we were them. Well now, that is possible through the action of thoughts that simulate our hero’s mentality. Strategies that gain us success have been tried and tested over the years to gain us fame, fortune and recognition of our talents. But how many of us have truly experienced our own expertise as something other people would want to emulate? The answer to that is probably not many, I am sorry to say, including my own. Therefore, the wisest of our talents go unrecognised and even dismissed at the thought of being too cocky. But once you have gained awareness about how you can apply what you apply to other’s talents you can begin to appreciate just how wise you are.

What if other’s could view you as a hero in their own life? What would you want them to most emulate? What if they gave you credit for knowing what to do when all others did not? How would this genuinely affect your behaviour? What would your response be to others who have learned how to do what you do? Think about it and generate some ideas that would best fit your description of the above. Most of all, what would it then be like to recognise the Hero within yourself and emulate that on a daily basis so that you could find the heroic feats you have accomplished becoming more proactive and gaining momentum for the future? Wow! Now THAT’S something worth fighting for.

Peace ❤

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