The Forces That Be

The forces that be are those that enable you to be who you ‘are’. They enliven you to the moment in time where decisions about your future can be made safely. Good decisions are made when you are in good states. It’s all about how you interpret the data of indices that give you the means of transgressing the forces that hold you back.

Once you have broken the chains of existence, you are then free to create your life in the way it was meant to be. The focus of your endeavours, then, will necessarily be in the direction of your higher purpose.

How do you know what that will be?

A purpose is something you live by that gives your life meaning, direction and focus. It is the one thing that gains you the attention of your unconscious mind.

Your true purpose is such that it enables you to fulfil a feeling that needs to be expressed. This necessarily encapsulates the ideas that are to be expressed within it.

A presence of mind is therefore required in order to judge the moments in which you need to decide. A judgemental focus is not the issue, but one in which you can clearly discern the actions of your understandings and translate them into experience. The process, therefore, will be one where you can take your ideas and feed them into the perspective of knowing what to do.The state of knowing what to do is easy. You just have to remember a time when you did.

Now what ideas need to be expressed and what steps do you need to take to express them? The emperor filled his new clothes with beliefs, they didn’t exist, but they stuck in the minds of those who followed. “Look at the king”, they said.

“He has new clothes”, they said. And that’s what you need to do. Believe it’s already here despite reality, in order to focus on the feeling of possibility that you really can enjoy a focus of ‘being’ that enables you to manifest your reality as you desire it to happen in the way that you want and beyond.

The law of attraction works in ways that gain you the experience you have set forth in your mind and body. Help yourself to believe and the energy will follow. The forces that ‘be‘ will surely attract that which you desire with your heart, mind and body.

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