In Silence is the Answer


Before you think about what you are doing, check to see what you are saying inside your head. Is it something that is encouraging or just plain stupid? Whatever it is for you, make sure you know who is saying it. Is it in the voice of someone you admire or someone who had chastised you in the past? This will make a difference to how you respond to your own internal dialogue.

Your mind has picked up energies, patterns and behaviours that relate to the experiences you have had in the past and now represents the focuses of what you do to ensure that your life is kept in a balanced order of structure and chaos. We need both structure and chaos to create solutions that allow us to evolve and fulfil our destiny and therefore we have the power to make our lives useful and gain traction from getting things done that we wish to accomplish. Knowing this will ensure that you have the learnings that you need in order to get resourceful and manage your settings (those things that have an impact on your health and happiness) in a way that enables you be productive, useful and action orientated.

You are listening with your ears to your internal dialogue, but in a way that allows you to notice what you say, how you say it and when you say it. The latter is important because it forms part of a strategy that is hard-wired into your neurology and therefore can be disrupted if you have the right tools and techniques to be able to do so. Imagine being able to break the bonds that hold you to a certain debilitating pattern or habit? What would this mean in terms of freedom to open up to all the possibilities that would not have been available if you had kept going down this route? For some this is easy to do, for others it’s a challenge that is not able to give them productive thinking that this requires.

In terms of creativity, you have to understand that the flow of ideas that enables stuff to be done comes from a place of balance, peace and calm. In order for this happen you have to know what to do when you find yourself in the state of knowing what to do, but not knowing how to do it. Solutions come when you sit back, relax and allow your unconscious mind to give you answers. Answers that you need to trust, develop and implement towards the outcomes that you have asked for help with.

So silence is one way to access the timeless knowledge of what you have experienced and how to manage the stories that it has given you with more structure and finesse. So dive in to your silence today. Ask yourself a question and listen for the answer. You will be amazed at how learning happens through silence, especially if you have been studying or taking in lots of information on a specific topic. Allow your mind to rest or as Steven Covey used to say ‘sharpen your saw’. You will come back more energised, focused and most of all you will have the solution to the answers that you needed to keep you moving forward. Be silent, Be Love, Be Now.


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