How to change your identity bonds with the past-who do you want to become?

An identity bond is something you associate with the life path you desire. Therefore, what you identify with reflects who you are going to become. For example, if you identify with becoming a nurse you might associate with doctors and medical students.In this vein you might see yourself working with older people children or people with physical disabilities.

The reasons for associating with these types of scenarios are such that they embody the professional prowess of working in that environment and as such they create a dichotomy of influences that allow decisions to be made usefully.

Being creative around who you want to become involves knowing what influences are going to become part of your dichotomy.

Influencers are those things that make it possible to make a decision frequently and in line with identity outcomes. Do you identify as someone who’s relaxed or creative, happy or depressed? You can be all these things but what keeps them apart is the idea they are part of who you are.

You are not your depression, you are not even your happiness. You are what you create as a result of what you played out in your reality time-set. So we come to the idea that we are what we create.

Do we need to change identity bonds with the past in order to become who we desire in the present?

This question is one of philosophical consideration and one we must do with the utmost of caution. Why? Because when we run roughshod over identity influences we can cause an ability to harm ourselves and others in the process. So catching ourselves in the process of dismantling identity bonds is an important part of becoming who you want to become in the present.

Identity bonds as building blocks to personality.

When you create identity bonds you are effectively choosing to design your personality structure! By this I mean that choosing a structure for your personality to ‘live’ in is a matter of making decisions about the experiences you want to have.

In this vein we are talking about instances that gain you the traction of growing the personality structures that create persona indices that give the right energy, direction and message to the cause.

Let’s take a doctor example as a case in point. If you are a doctor you want to come across as someone who makes it possible to heal. But suppose you have a condition for which there is no known cure? What happens when you need to inform patients that there is nothing you can do? How do you cope with the idea that your personality structure is now compromised? These examples are cited so that you can see how identity plays a part in how you operate with intention, integrity and focus of attention. So it stands to reason that changing your identity bonds would be a necessary feature of becoming who you desire. Therefore, the key is to make decisions about how you transform your being from one personality structure to another. The process therefore is a simple act of knowing where you are going and making decisions about how to get there.

So let’s take the example of the doctor once again. The doctor wants to become more holistic in how he approaches his treatment packages but he threatens his status as a medical doctor by doing so. So what’s the solution?

There are three ways he can approach his future going forward. The first way is to leave his job and look for positions in the holistic medical profession. This will assume that he’s already trained to a certain degree and can now seek an apprenticeship.

The second way is to become an integrated medical practitioner by combining both sets of information of traditional and holistic fields.

This then would help him transition more smoothly into that of a new identity.

The third way would be to train newly as a holistic practitioner, while still remaining in the MD role for the time being. This transition would take longer but would ultimately give him more options in the future as to who he wanted to become!

How you choose your identity depends on many factors related to your past, present and future belief systems. These beliefs being the glue that hold your identity bonds together.

Channelled by Gina


Learn how to channel your own wisdom with me as your guide.

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