What’s Missing From Your Inventory?

What Do You Want?

In NLP terms, the idea that something is missing is nothing new.  We fill ourselves up with emotions ideas, beliefs, attitudes and behaviours that give us a way of being in the now.  But what happens when you find yourself lacking in one area or another?  To notice this we must first identify what it is that lets us know some ‘thing’ is missing from our internal inventory because we need to understand that what’s there is not giving us what we want. And so a feeling of satisfaction becomes one of ‘dissatisfaction’. It’s a good point to remember that when you are focused on what you want, the ideas that give you the manifestations for getting it will be foremost in your mind.  So in terms of getting what you want, the feeling of satisfaction is not going to cut it. It’s the feeling of ‘dissatisfaction’ that will gain you the understanding of what’s missing in your inventory.  So focus in and decide what you want to achieve without wondering how you are going to get it.

Why Do You Want It?

The next thing is to understand the reasons for getting it.  Why is it important that you have this thing? What is it going to do for you? How can you reconcile the feeling of not having it with the feeling of knowing you can have it? (Don’t try to think of that consciously now, but just focus in on how that will work out in your neurology).

Why Don’t You Already Have it?

So the next idea is one where you will focus on your energy levels.  To do this, your mind must be clear of all perspectives that pertain to knowing how to block your energy.  Those such as fear, anxiety, stress and misunderstandings about who you really are, must be out of your mind completely.  The minute you focus on ideas about how you can receive energy, you can engage with the energy that is naturally existent in the realms of the waves and particles.  Particles of light are manifest from places that go beyond your conscious awareness and pervade every aspect of your being, including those elements that are not visible to the eye.  Remember, it’s only when you notice who you are that you realise what’s missing from your inventory.

The realisation that we are complete and nothing is actually missing is replete with ideas that give you a reason to show yourself what you need to discover about yourself.  Now this is a whole new idea that some of you may not know about yet.  But sooner or later you will discover all there is to know about yourself whether in this life or the next.

What Will It Be Like When You Have It?

So getting back to what you need to know about yourself, it’s a good idea to show yourself something new.  By that I mean something that you have not, before now, had a chance to discover about yourself.  Think about it as though you were trying to find an item to decorate you new home.  What would you ‘search’ for? What ideas would you discover about the choice you made? Why was it important to attain?  What is it adding to your life?  All these questions are related to why you were missing something in the first place.

So now you’ve understood why you need to ask questions, you can realise they are just ways to focus your attention on what you need to achieve.  So in the future when you think about where you are going and what you want to achieve, you just have to notice what you need to achieve it. When you can do that you‘ll understand why it’s important to ask good questions for a change.  Take one step at a time and you will find that things present themselves along the way in time for you to know what to do. So check within and you will find everything is there. There will be no need to search outside of yourself because nothing is missing and you are not really there.

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