Empowerment Strategy for Use With Clients Wanting to Change Their Behaviours Around Food Based Activities

This happiness project is part of a series mini projects designed to help you guide your client through the steps it takes to help them regain control of their emotions and develop a sense of self mastery around their relationship to food. 

​This video gives a scenario of a typical client whose relationship to food is dysfunctional.   Our imaginary client here loves to bake and gets a lot of enjoyment from doing so. But our client is reluctant to do so for fear of eating all the cookies she bakes. She is aware that baking is a great way to bond with her niece and is sad that she missing out on an opportunity to connect at a deeper level through sharing a baking experience with her. 

Watch a tutorial video for step by step instructions that walk you through the process of re-programming your client’s mindset to enable her to feel in control of her own choices around food based activities.  

The Worksheet is to be used during a consultation session to monitor and guide your client through this process.

Download the Worksheet PDF
Step one – Planning for success
Step Two – Identify their ‘Why’
Step Three – Building Desire
Step Four – Building Inner Resources
Step Five – Mental Rehearsal
Post-Session Plan and next steps

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