Real Change in a Virtual World

3D Social Media and Virtual Worlds, now the Metaverse, provide a platform for developing new ways of working with NLP technologies to increase its power and effectiveness in getting changes that mirror those obtained in the physical ‘real’ world.

The first idea about this is that it has become a specialism that only those with the excitement and passion about its potential will realise. Its potential is there to be realised by those who want to learn new ways of interacting with their clients in a way that engages them more powerfully in some ways than they can achieve in face to face situations.

The second idea is once they have learned how to master the environment, they can use it to develop their own methods and capabilities that give them the tools for helping others change easily.

Transforming a life in a virtual world is really no different to that of doing it in the physical world. It uses the same technology of the mind, but in more fun and creative ways that both practitioner and client can verify. 

Verification is a very important concept in NLP because in order for the practitioner to know what to do next they have to know where the client is in terms of perceptions about reality, be it ‘real’ or virtual.  And so therefore the test is knowing what the client sees, hears or feels in response to a specific situation, event or process. This is entirely possible in 3D virtual worlds, but the trick is in how it’s designed.

3D Social Media and virtual worlds offer an innovative new platform to demonstrate hypnotic phenomena such as arm catalepsy and the like.  Avatars in virtual worlds provide breakthrough approaches for training and simulation of hypnotic techniques.

Gina Pickersgill offers unique services in blending traditional NLP techniques with advanced virtual world training methodologies. User driven avatars in 3D Social Media environments enable
practitioners to gain a rich visual and visceral representation of hypnotic techniques.

Visit Virtual World Coaching Academy Website

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