What is a 3D Virtual World Coaching Academy

A 3D Virtual World Coaching Academy is like a physical education centre – it has a full training programme, educators and opportunities to connect with real life NLP training organisations – however you don’t need to leave your office or home. 

You simply register your avatar at the platform (for free) and then login to teleport to the Venue using a URL from your PC or Mac. There’s no travel costs and compared to a physical event,  makes this way of attending an event a very environmentally friendly way to learn about NLP. 

Just like a physical venue it is split into various areas:

NLP Training Organisations

The education venue contains all the NLP Training organisation stands. Delegates can visit educator booths and see information about the latest courses, events, products and links to related social media platforms.

NLP Conference Centre

The NLP Conference Centre will host the training and events programmes with both live events and pre-recorded speaker interviews spread over the duration of an event.  

Virtual NLP events are also interactive with the opportunity to ask speakers questions in real time via text chat or voice and take part in live discussions with other delegates about areas of NLP that are of interest with like minded others. 

Become a Sponsor contact www.virtualworldcoachingacademy.com

The Idea

VWCA was set up in order to provide a community base for those interested in learning more about NLP.  Imagine being able to walk around the virtual world and interact with some of the worlds best training organisations, NLP authors and immerse yourself, literally in all that is NLP.  What’s more, it is all in one convenient place. 

The virtual world offers a unique opportunity also to interact with virtual mind tools available from the Virtual Mindtools store. 

Building a Virtual NLP Community

Through the management of events and activities using social media and virtual capabilities we can build a community that enables more people to benefit from learning, using and applying NLP Technologies to their own work and life situations. 

Access to Resources

Communities and individuals are able to access NLP related learning resources via in world links to organisations and virtual products that can help your coaching practice. 

24/7 Global Networking

Communicate globally with people all over the world at any time, day or night.  Can’t sleep?  Might just be what you need to cure that insomnia. 

Use Case Scenario: History of NLP Time Line

You can even walk down a virtual timeline depicting the history of NLP. Why not contribute your own version of what you think happened using the drop box tools available in-world? 

What are virtual worlds?

Virtual worlds are 3D digital environments that allow their users to interact and communicate in real time in a way that enables you to experience a feeling of being in the same space as the other users.

Avatars use virtual worlds to experience real life activities such as shopping, dancing, learning and developing relationships as well as those that would be impossible in real life. It allows people to imagine and actualise their dreams and aspirations at relatively low cost and very little risk. It opens up a whole new world of experience for those that are limited financially, physically, emotionally and mentally.

Benefits of for students using virtual worlds include:

Freedom to be and experience anything they want

Able to learn by trial and error in a way not feasible in physical reality

Ability to engage and interact with themed learning environments

Potential for learner-led exploration and knowledge acquisition

Ability to develop effective communication skills for online and real world situations

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