Dreams & Vibrational Disturbances: Impact on Tinnitus


Gina Pickersgill

Dreams represent a place of serenity inside the mind that is disturbed by every day noise.

But sometimes they can represent turmoil, angst and disturbing memories.

When we have positive dreams we understand that we have been gifted with a prophetic vision of going to the next level. Similarly when we have a disturbing dream we understand that we have been alerted to the issues from the past.

Creation comes from knowing we are vibrational beings and therefore dreams represent the memory trace that come from experiences lodged in our psyche. In the light of understanding this idea we now come to the idea that dreams are made of vibrational indices such as visions, sounds, feelings and sensations.

The more we understand how dreams work, the more we are able to make decisions about what to heal.

So beginning with the idea that we can heal our dreams let’s look at what can be done to change the effects dreams have on our psyche

The healing effects of dreams.

The healing effects of dreams are such that they emanate the messages that need to be processed via the psyche. This means that when dreams are interpreted correctly they consistently follow an appraisal of events that contribute or will contribute to the life of the individual.

Therefore when dreams are made known in the individual such that they understand the meaning, they can then work to understand the issues that are present in their daily life.

With this focus being on healing, they can transmute whatever negative energies were holding them back from living fully in the present moment.

Therefore the creational forces that are their natural birthright begin to once again flow forward through their physical psychic realm making it possible for them to transpose energy that would otherwise have been used for destructive pursuits. These destructive pursuits create vibrational disturbances that impact the psyche negatively.

Vibrational disturbances

Vibrational disturbances impact the individual psyche negatively through oscillations that disrupt the harmonious flow of energy in the system of equilibrium. By this we mean that energy seeks to flow usefully towards an outcome that makes a different charge analysis than if it had been negatively impacted.

So with negative energy flowing downward and positive energy flowing upwards we have a dichotomy of events that are destructive and constructive at the same time within the system.

In order to create a harmonisation of the flow the equilibrium has to be both negatively and positively balanced. When that balance is out of flow it is because the negative flow is greater than the positive flow causing a negatively charged vibrational disturbance. This negatively charged vibrational disturbance is the cause and reason for the damage caused related to tinnitus.

Therefore the solution is to redress the balance by eliminating the imbalance caused by the negative flow of energies in the first place.

This is where Havening Techniques come into play due to its ability to detect and eliminate traumatically encoded memory events.

Decoding dreams that create vibrational disturbances.

In order to decode a vibrationally disturbing dream, we have to first understand the meaning of the message it is conveying.

Carl Jung said dreams are a way of understanding how the psyche impacts our waking life.

Generally, dreams convey emotions, feelings and physical sensations. Flying dreams, for example give us the sensation of floating on air or a metaphorical ‘rising above the situation’. They are often cryptic and nonsensical at best and confusing and distressing at worst.

When the emotions of a dream are disturbing leaving you feeling sad, angry and frustrated we can often feel we are being affected as if experiencing it in a waking state; that is it feels very real.

There we have an experience we can decode and ensure we understand its meaning. So vibrational disturbances that cause upsetting dreams scenarios are one way of getting to the bottom of what’s causing distress in our daily lives.


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