I am an emotional being and New Earth is calling me forth to recognise her plight.

What is New Earth?

It is the foremost empire on which New World is trying to rebuild itself. This means that when we have a way to assess our feelings we will be in a position to create a new world that is worth being alive for.

In this new world there will be people who live up to expectations and those who don’t. The expectations to be lived up to are those that train our minds to go further than we have ever gone before in terms of being more sophisticated in our thinking. By ‘sophistication’ I mean the ability to think more wisely about the direction in which we focus our energy and thoughts to create the life we desire.

New Earth is a way of connecting to that part of us that needs to express our truth. It is the main vehicle for self-expression in which our true nature is given full reign over self-limiting beliefs. We now have a situation where we have to focus on what’s coming next, i.e. the dreams of the future we want to express in our hearts.

Therefore, what we dream about ‘streams’ about by being that transmitter of information that collides with the Universal Energy portal that forms the shape of things to come.

If you look to see the deluge of beings that don’t trust their inner soul, you begin to see a picture of effective self-sabotage in those that would be other than they are now. Their wishes have not been fulfilled, and their lives are not what they would wish it to be. So they are entwined in a belief system that makes it impossible to change. Why? Because they have yet to be convinced that the way of ‘knowing’ works like a dream.

A ‘dream’ is a state in which you can manifest reality. It works to let you know what it might be like to have this reality in your waking life. For example, the dream you had last night where:-

you were on a train and you were gathering all your documents and writings that were in two carriages, meant that you felt rushed and overwhelmed at the amount of work you needed to do to get your message out to the world, in that you couldn’t get off the train until you had completed all the tasks you needed to do. But what if you could just let the train go and be in sync with the elements of life that allow you to relax and be ok with the train leaving the station without having to get off in such a hurry? How would this impact your energy field?

My personal dream state analysis – Gina Pickersgill

If you see the reasons behind what you do as a lesson to learn how to be a different way, then you might understand that all dreams are here to teach you how to think differently. So in your case, you needed to understand that the train would come back to the station, albeit on the other side of the track, that you would have got off in the first place. This is known as ‘another opportunity’ to achieve what you set out to do in the first place, such that you don’t need to get it all achieved in the first place and that you can relax, have fun and enjoy your life.

The moment you realise you are one with the creator, you will be in the position of making choices about which direction to set your sails and change course if you need to. This is the lesson we all need to learn and we need to learn it in a way that sits with your own being. Such that we understand the lessons and take from it what we need to survive, thrive and enjoy being alive!

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