Be Water: A Veda Austin Perspective

Dear Spirit,

Please let me know what I need to know about water from a Veda Austin perspective.

Veda Austin is experimenting with water to find out how it works and why. When water is given an intention it flows through a cycle of thought based parameters that allow it to transform into a ‘special’ form. A special form is where water takes on the information being transmitted and captures the essence of the thought form to engage the neuronal firings that created it in the first place.

Neuronal Firings?

Yes the neuronal firings are those which enhance the message being conveyed such that they influence the water to make decisions based on the flow of energy moving through it.

Water makes decisions?

Yes. Water makes decisions based on what it feels is going to generate the right response.

Water has feelings?

Yes. Water feels just like any other sentient being.

Water is a sentient being?

Yes. Water is a sentient being.

How so?

It feels its way through channels of experience so that it knows what to do next.

What is the definition of a sentient being?

A sentient being is such that it knows what to do next based on what it needs to do to survive.

Are plants sentient beings?

Yes, they survive via osmosis.

Osmosis involves water right?

Yes. It involves water that knows how to move to parts of the plant that needs it most.

So is water making decisions based on what its host needs?

Yes. It knows what its host needs because it has requested an answer in response to a need. For example, if it needs a new nutrient it will ask the water to deliver it via osmosis. When humans need a nutrient the body will suggest a path for that nutrient to be delivered. For example, if the body requires a glucose based nutrient it will undo or open the path that needs opening to allow the water to go through. A gluconeogenisis for example, will require a different path to a food based glucose molecule.

But in this scenario it seems like the body is making decisions,

Yes it seems that way. But what’s really happening is that water is requesting an appropriate pathway and the body allows that to happen.

What does the term’Be Water’ mean?

It means that you need to emulate water in that it makes decisions based on what it needs to survive.

Can you give me a working example of how this looks?

Yes. So for instance if you are requiring a solution to a problem, you would request an answer to the problem via the plenum. The plenum gives you the answer via the forms of thought that get transpired through the systems through which it operates. It then travels via the plenum through the system to make the decisions it needs to perform the solutions.


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