Authenticity in coaching: how being true to yourself, attracts the right clients

As coaches and healers & practitioners, our primary mission is to help our clients achieve their goals and improve their lives. However, taking on clients who are not aligned with our values and beliefs can be a costly exercise, both professionally and personally. 

It is crucial to recognize where we need to be more specific about our client base and make changes to our marketing messages to reflect that. When we are true to ourselves and our unique coaching style, we can attract the right clients and help them achieve their goals effectively.

It’s important to understand that as we evolve and grow as coaches, our client base may shift and change as well. This is a natural part of the journey and shouldn’t be something to be afraid of or resist. In fact, embracing these changes and being true to ourselves and our own growth can ultimately lead to a more fulfilling and successful coaching practice.

When I first started out as a coach, I thought I could be everything to everyone. I listened to people’s problems and used NLP as a fix-all solution. But I quickly realized that this approach wasn’t sustainable or effective in helping my clients achieve their goals. I needed to expand my toolkit and incorporate other methods and techniques to support their unique needs.

Through this process, I also came to recognize my own boundaries and limitations as a coach. I realized that not every client was a good fit for me and my approach. This was a difficult lesson to learn, but ultimately it allowed me to refine my client base and focus on those who could truly benefit from my unique training and experience.

So, I encourage you to be true to yourselves and recognize when it’s time to make changes to your client base. It may be a difficult and costly exercise in the short-term, but in the long-term it will lead to a more fulfilling and successful coaching practice.

Taking on clients who don’t align with our values can lead to dissatisfaction, frustration, and burnout, both for the coach and the client. When we work with clients who share our values, we can create a powerful partnership that can lead to transformative results.

So, it’s essential to have clarity on who our ideal client is and what problems we can help them solve. Once we have this clarity, we can adjust our marketing messages and attract the right clients who resonate with our values and goals.

Here are five steps to help you map & refine your ideal client base:

Step #1. Get clear on who you want to work with. 

Think about the type of person you enjoy working with and who you can help the most. Consider their age, gender, occupation, interests, and pain points.

Step #2. Identify their needs and desires. 

What problems do they need help solving? What are their goals and aspirations? Understanding these will help you position your services in a way that speaks directly to them.

Step #3. Research where your ideal clients are hanging out. 

Look at online forums, social media groups, and events where they are likely to gather. This will help you get in front of them and start building relationships.

Step #4. Craft your messaging. 

Use the information you have gathered to create messaging that speaks directly to your ideal client base. Make it clear how you can help them achieve their goals and overcome their challenges.

Step #5. Test and refine. 

As you start putting your messaging out there, pay attention to the response you get. Use this feedback to refine your messaging and continue honing in on your ideal client base.

By following these five steps, you can start attracting more of the right clients to your coaching or healing practice and build a successful business that aligns with your values and goals. 

In summary, being true to ourselves as coaches and healers is crucial in attracting the right clients and creating powerful partnerships that lead to transformative results. Let’s be intentional about who we work with and create a fulfilling and impactful coaching practice. Remember, your growth and evolution as a coach or health professional ultimately benefits your clients as well.

I do hope found this has been useful and that you continue to expand your capacity to help others in your field more effectively.

Best regards,

Gina Pickersgill

Founder of Virtual World Coaching Academy


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