Havening Techniques: Transpirational Person Havening approach.

Transpirational Havening (TH) is a process whereby learning how our relationships create chaos or harmony in our lives can be changed via Havening Touch. In this sense, sensory feedback is given precedence over academic knowledge such as ‘he is a great placator’, or ‘she is a pursuer of knowledge’. Transformational Imaging (TI) of interpersonal reactions, […]

Making a Stand

Making a stand represents the place where gaining traction is aligned with your outcomes. In the moment you decide to have feelings about where you want to go, you can create outcomes that match those innate perceptions. What I mean by this is that using your imagination, you can create specific scenarios where you have […]

The Forces That Be

The forces that be are those that enable you to be who you ‘are’. They enliven you to the moment in time where decisions about your future can be made safely. Good decisions are made when you are in good states. It’s all about how you interpret the data of indices that give you the […]