Relationship Challenge

A Second Life resident ended a long-term real life relationship and for 5 years, describing herself as being at an emotional standstill, was not able to recover from it .  Having tried all sorts of things including working as a volunteer to distract herself, she was unable to feel like she belonged in these places […]

Empowerment Strategy for Use With Clients Wanting to Change Their Behaviours Around Food Based Activities

This happiness project is part of a series mini projects designed to help you guide your client through the steps it takes to help them regain control of their emotions and develop a sense of self mastery around their relationship to food.  ​This video gives a scenario of a typical client whose relationship to food […]

Havening Techniques: Transpirational Person Havening approach.

Transpirational Havening (TH) is a process whereby learning how our relationships create chaos or harmony in our lives can be changed via Havening Touch. In this sense, sensory feedback is given precedence over academic knowledge such as ‘he is a great placator’, or ‘she is a pursuer of knowledge’. Transformational Imaging (TI) of interpersonal reactions, […]