Virtual Learning Technologies 4 Practitioners

  • Second Life virtual learning applications – How to use NLP in Second Life
  • Teacher Training – how to design and deliver virtual learning workshops

Virtual Learning Technologies 4 Coaches

  • Second Life Coach Mentorship Program (6 weeks) – Certificate of Completion
  • Virtual Coaching Methods – how to structure, design and deliver coaching online in skype and virtual worlds

Virtual Learning Technologies 4 Care Workers

  • Positive Story Telling
  • Relaxation Training
  • Managing Emotions
  • Understanding patient’s point of view

Virtual Learning Technologies 4 Healthy Living

Holistic Lifestyle Management Program Modules – delivered through and via virtual worlds/and skype and multimedia platforms across the web 2.0 and 3D

  • The Ins and Outs of Emotional Eating
  • Hypnotic Lifestyle System -6 part hypnosis CD, 1, Recognise Hunger, 2. Perfect Portions, 3. Eat what feels good, 4, Planning your outcomes, 5, Taking the action steps, 6. Overcoming obstacles/relapse prevention
  • Abdominal Obesity: How Stress Makes you fat –  Preventing  metabolic x syndrome
  • Exercise behaviour modification (Psychology of Exercise Motivation)
  • Be your own Lifestyle Coach – tips and hints for coaching yourself to live healthily.

Click to see an example of the Digital Mind Training tools used to facilitate long-term lifestyle changes – Irresistable Cookie Jar

Virtual Learning Technologies 4 Health and Wellness

2. Stop Smoking – virtual methods for smoking cessation

3. Sleep Well – getting a good nights sleep

4. Beating Stress – how to manage daily busy- ness

5. Confidence Coaching – how to be confident in any situation

6. Motivation training – how to ‘want’ to get things done easily and effectively

7. Stop procrastination NOW! – What’s stopping you?


Example chat log for curing anxiety & panic attacks in a virtual world setting

This lady came to a phobia session in Second Life.  She has had many things wrong, including COPD and OCD and panic attacks.

The Solution
This lady needed to learn how to manage her anxiety caused by panic attacks.  I began talking her through the process of dispersing her irrational fear responses to anxiety provoking situations. I calibrated her fear level, which was very high at 9-10 and within under an hour was able to reduce it down to a 1-2.  What follows is the transcript of responses of the client to my spoken instructions.  All client responses were typed in chat as she was processing the spoken instructions that taught her skills in how to change emotional responses to stressful situations.

Transcript of session follows:
[15:47]  Destiny: I have panic disorder , and have been agorophobic
[15:48]  Destiny: it comes and goes
[15:49]  Destiny: I know that my fears are irrational, but I cant control it
[15:49]  Destiny: yes
[15:50]  Destiny: a bit , but I have copd , hard to get a deep breath
[15:51]  Destiny: yes
[15:53]  Destiny: crowded store
[15:53]  Destiny: 9-10
[15:54]  Destiny: stomach and rises up
[15:54]  Destiny: like a roller coaster
[15:54]  Destiny: up and down in waves
[15:55]  Destiny: they start in my stomach and move up
[15:55]  Destiny: yes
[15:55]  Destiny: throat
[15:55]  Destiny: not so much , mostly throat
[15:55]  Destiny: black
[15:56]  Destiny: ok
[15:57]  Destiny: its starting to flow back a bit
[15:59]  Destiny: its not rising as high , flowing back
[16:01]  Destiny: its pooling , growing lighter in color
[16:02]  Destiny: that would be nice
[16:03]  Destiny: a pool of water
[16:03]  Destiny: gentle ripples
[16:05]  Destiny: they are calming
[16:06]  Destiny: it needs all teh calming it can get
[16:07]  Destiny: much more relaxed
[16:08]  Destiny: I have brought them back in
[16:09]  Destiny: 3
[16:10]  Destiny: yes
[16:11]  Destiny: u have such a soothing voice, I am just melting into my chiar
[16:13]  Destiny: very relaxed now
[16:16]  Destiny: is it best when u get in an anxiety situation , to stay and deal with it there, or leave , relax and go back ?
[16:19]  Destiny: yes
[16:20]  Destiny: that is high yet
[16:20]  Destiny: when u said that , I felt the anziety rise
[16:21]  Destiny: 8-9
[16:23]  Destiny: I always associate the color black with my fear
[16:23]  Destiny: in my stomach , rising to throat
[16:24]  Destiny: I have it out
[16:25]  Destiny: spinning
[16:25]  Destiny: clockwise
[16:25]  Destiny: yes
[16:25]  Destiny: a whirlpool
[16:27]  Destiny: its slowing
[16:28]  Destiny: starting to turn in other direction and flatten out
[16:29]  Destiny: again this one is pooling
[16:30]  Destiny: I find the sound of water calming
[16:31]  Destiny: gentle ripples from the center out to the edges
[16:32]  Destiny: yes
[16:34]  Destiny: very low now
[16:34]  Destiny: 1-2
[16:35]  Destiny: this is fascinating
[16:36]  Destiny: is this a new concept, nlp ?
[16:37]  Destiny: oh wow
[16:37]  Destiny: I will be here alot, haha


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