How to assess your spiritual needs

Being spiritual is a way to assess how you feel about life and how you respond to it.

In order to assess your spiritual needs you need to know which way you’re headed. In this sense we are talking about how you assess life path energy and what that makes you feel when making decisions about which way to go.

Life path energy is that quality of being that allows you to flourish in the face of adversity. So when you are feeling exhausted, beaten down or disengaged you can bet your bottom dollar that you are in the midst of a crisis that is allowing you to reassess, refocus and reassert your spiritual needs.

To this end you will know something is not quite right and that you will need to make a decision to bring yourself back into alignment with your soul’s energy path.

Meditation and knowing you are sovereign are two ways you can assess your life path energy needs. These are tools with which decisions can be made despite the external circumstances of your physical experiences.

Meditation helps you create a space for reflection and clarity. Knowing you are sovereign supports the energy of conviction that you are on the right path.

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