Relationship Challenge

A Second Life resident ended a long-term real life relationship and for 5 years, describing herself as being at an emotional standstill, was not able to recover from it .  Having tried all sorts of things including working as a volunteer to distract herself, she was unable to feel like she belonged in these places until she found the virtual world of Second Life. This virtual 3D Social Media platform provided her with the feeling of belonging she had been looking for in that she had found love in the form of a new partner. He was living in France and she in the USA, and although she felt they truly loved each other, after a year of this long distance relationship she was now realising that they were “at a point where our RL needed to get in gear for both of us”, meaning she felt it was time for them to separate.  They were both open and honest about their RL situations and used Second Life as a way of relaxing together.

Solution – The Spirit Grid (TM) method

Chat log of virtual world coaching session

This lady (Client) had been distracting herself from the real issue that created the feeling of inertia in the first place.  She needed to let go of the pain and hurt that had been as a result of the break up 5 years previously.  I used the Spirit Grid, a method I had developed in 2001 of working with emotional blocks in a way that reconfigures them into something more useful or even deletes them from energetic memory bank. At 6.11pm we started the process of working on the emotion of fear that she described as ” world shaking and gut wrenching”.  I was able to ‘read’ the quality of this emotion by an ability to pick up on the nature and direction of the feeling in the heart area [This ability is related to the quantum physics concept of ‘spooky action at a distance’ or ‘the non-locality principle’]. Below is the transcript from this part of the session:

Transcript of vNLP Session in Second Life – (The term Client has been used to protect their identity).
[18:10]  Nina Lancaster: I would like to ask you to do something for the last time and that is to look at the emotions that are holding you back ..
[18:11]  Client: fear
[18:11]  Nina Lancaster: would you be willing to do that?
[18:11]  Client: yes
[18:11]  Nina Lancaster: I will guide you.
[18:12]  Nina Lancaster: now… think back to the 5 years
[18:12]  Client: yes…
[18:12]  Nina Lancaster: and the moment at which you felt it had ended…
[18:12]  Client: yes..
[18:12]  Nina Lancaster: feel that feelig again … step inside it and notice… where it starts in your body… keep seeing it i full colour… that you can access the emotion…notice the emotion and tell me where it starts in your body…and where it moves to and the direction it moves in
[18:13]  Nina Lancaster: notice what shape it is
[18:14]  Nina Lancaster: keep seeing the situation .. again and again …
[18:15]  Client: oki, but I have to say… that all I have right now is like watching a movie and the emotion… tho I remember how world shaking and gut wrenching it was…I can’t feel it
[18:15]  Nina Lancaster: ok.. step inside the movie …
[18:15]  Client: oki
[18:15]  Nina Lancaster: imagine it as if you are really there..
[18:15]  Nina Lancaster: see his face…
[18:16]  Nina Lancaster: hear the sounds
[18:16]  Nina Lancaster: feel the feelings…
[18:16]  Nina Lancaster: ah there it is …[the moment I could feel client accessing the emotion as she accessed it]
[18:16]  Nina Lancaster: in your heart yes?
[18:16]  Client: yesss
[18:16]  Nina Lancaster: like a pressure… down [this was the quality of the emotion, the sub modalities of the feeling]
[18:16]  Nina Lancaster: .. ok.. cool… now
[18:16]  Nina Lancaster: now I will rezz a prim [a 3D virtual shape – usually a square]
[18:16]  Nina Lancaster: that will represent that feeling
[18:17]  Nina Lancaster: …. and we will transform it. .. but I will guide you
[18:17] Client: oki :))

The Result – 23rd Jan 09 three days later

Nina Lancaster: Hi Client, how have you been since the coaching session?
[13:45]  Client: oh Nina, thanks so much for asking … more calm… and able to concentrate … definitely more hopeful :))
[13:45]  Nina Lancaster: that’s great to hear.:))
[13:47]  Client: what’s nice is finally having energy to reorganize in RL…so just taking it a step at a time without getting overwhelmed :)….so your spirit grid worked 🙂
[13:49]  Client: loll it was kinda cool, because I think the words just latched onto a bunch of energy at once and sort of lit them up
[13:50]  Nina Lancaster: that’s amazing..  I channelled these words.. so they must be correct… I am very pleased and cant wait to try out some more :))
[14:16]  Client: well I’ve been telling my friends so if the time is right for them.. I hope they’ll find their way to you.

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